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Access Control and Attendance Machines

DOT Technology offers a list of products for the  Access Control, Attendance Machines, Access Controls & Metal Detectors, and Security Cameras



Monitoring and managing premises is as easy as a flick of finger with Elock access control system. Back with high end, up-to-date technology design and years of experiences in this field, Elock offers the most reliable and affordable access control technology in the market.

- Access Control
- Electromagnetic Locks
- Gates


Access Control:
AxSys (Back)




Electromagnetic Locks:
elock-300 series spec 090812_d000030

elock-600x2 series 090925_d000043

elock-600x2 series 090925_d000044

elock-1200 series spec 090812_d000071

elock-1200 series spec 090812_d000072 locks




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